Ребята, какой тут новый отрывок появился из интервью Кишимото!

Перевод 1:

"I decided quite a while ago to go with Hinata.
There was a time when I was on the fence about going with Sakura, but after coming this far and just having Sakura switch over to loving Naruto would make her kind of a terrible woman.
Anyway, Sakura really has always just been wholeheartedly about Sasuke.”

Перевод 2:

The interviewer : ” In the prologue, we can see that Hinata & Naruto have two kids. But when did you decide that Naruto & Hinata would be together ?”
Kishimoto : “Quite a long time ago, in fact. But I have to admit there was a time when we did thought about Sakura, you know. But if after all this time, she would just all of a sudden changed her heart for Naruto, this would make her kind of a terrible woman, right ?. And I think she’s wholeheartly devoted to Sasuke anyway. I’ll continue writing Naruto until this summer”

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